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Don Julio 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Anejo Tequila

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Producer Don Julio
Country Mexico
Region Jalisco
Style Tequila
Sku 200748
Size 750ml

"Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro is the culmination of 70 years of knowledge, expertise and innovation that brings the smoothness of a Blanco and the complexity of an Anejo together for a totally unique tequila experience. Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro is aged eighteen months in American white-oak barrels and then carefully filtered to bring out its crisp agave flavor." Tasting Notes

Don Julio Description

Don Julio Anejo Claro (literally 'aged clear') is a brand new category unto itself. In speaking of tequila, experts will often claim that a blanco (un-aged) is the truest expression fo the agave while the anejo (aged) acquires oak and increases sophisitication but at the cost of masking the very agave essence that makes tequila what it is. The anejo claro--launched to celebrate our 70th anniversary--is an anejo tequila that has aged in oak for at least 18 months but then undergoes a filtration process that removes the color and 'oakiness' that comes from that aging. Why both to age the tequila only to literally de-age it through filtration? The result is a tequila with all the agave of a blanco but the softening of the aging.

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points

Billed as the world's first white añejo, it indeed has an unusual clear appearance, hence the name “claro.” Created to celebrate Don Julio's 70th anniversary, this limited edition bottling, aged for 18 months, has powerful charred oak, honey and vanilla notes, and a banana-like finish. 

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